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About Beauty Before Me Photography

     Hello! Welcome to Beauty Before Me Photography! Before we get into everything about me, thank you so much for visiting my page. It means a whole lot to me. 

     So, here we go. I am Brianna Swank, known as Noelle to some, owner and founder of Beauty Before Me Photography. I am from Terre Haute, IN and have called my little town just north of Nashville my home since fall of 2015. The Southern heat has been weighing down on this Northern child but I think I've managed pretty well.

     Never had I thought as a child that this is what I would want to do in life. As a kid, I bounced around from idea to idea, activity to activity, trying to find something that I enjoyed and wanted to do in life. Guitar, piano, dance, visual arts, among others. It just took wandering out into my backyard one day with my little ole' iPhone and taking some photos of my flowers to get me hooked. I loved composing and editing and just going out and exploring. It was an incredible moment of joy when I got my first real camera. 

     In 2015, I left my hometown and moved down to Tennessee. I was very quickly enrolled in the local high school and that was where I met one of the biggest inspirations in my artistic world. My art teacher was one of my biggest supporters. She pushed me to do the best work that I could, having me participate in local art competitions, and hone my skills as a photographer. 

     It wasn't until I met my best friend that I began taking portraits. She has been my dutiful and beautiful guinea pig since our Sophmore year of high school, allowing me to grow my skills as a portrait photographer. Through her willingness, I have been able to work on bringing my models to life and capture those little moments everyone wishes to remember. Now I have a business of my own! Something I had never dreamed would happen!

     Which brings me to where I am now! So please, join me in this beautiful journey of life and making memories! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special moments! 

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